Thursday, 6 November 2014

International Monkey Rescue To The Showbiz Rescue

Hugh skyped us last night all of a showbiz dither, there were feather boas flying in every direction ……… he needed our help tres, tres urgently and how would we be fixed for a few days dans Londres as a petit merci beaucoup???
To cut a VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY LONG and sob infused story short, it seems that Hugh had been let down, big time at the last minute, by a model agency he has sworn never use again darlings, and as such desperately needed three good looking, male models to take part in a theatrical live window event in a Battersea shop window on Saturday night …………
There is going to be a mahoooooooooooosive firework display in Battersea Park and it was anticipated that several thousand of people would have to pass the shop after the event …… and would we possibly, possibly, possibly consider being part of the sumptuous bedroom scene ……. perhaps lounging, putting on a face mask, sipping cocoa, perusing a book or two etc. as is our want ……  looking natural, yet glamorous!
Hmmmmm …..  well we said to Hugh, it would of course mean us missing X Factor, but why not, perhaps this could be our big break and at least we could put “worked in live theatre” on our CV’s …….. plus a day or two dans Londres can never be sniffed at, especially with Hugh ….. so with not much debate at all, of which none was heated  ….. we said a resounding YES!!!!!Needless to say mayhem has now ensued Chez Castle as we now need to pack…….. and get to Londres forthwith …….. however ….. since this will be a live event our reportage of the evening and following events may take a day or two to bring to you ….. so over the weekend, if we are too busy in makeup, costume fitting and finding the motivation for our roles, we can only apologise, and may have to leave you with a few totally unconnected pictures in lieu of our absence!!
HOWEVER, Darrell will be tweeting throughout Saturday evening …..
……. and if you are passing W.E.Interiors, 557-561 Battersea Park Road, London – why not give us a wave …..


Mr.D said...

How exciting. Will you be moving about, or will you have to be completely still?
Plus you will be seeing Hugh and Marc, so even better.

Anonymous said...

This is an opportunity that is way beyond exciting! London, Hugh, and taking part in this showbiz/living figure tableau is enough to make your head spin with anticipation ......a 1950's cocktail party setting is the stuff of dreams and I know you will look right at home and be perfectly wonderful .... what an experience this will be!......Lucky you.....can't wait for pictures!...... Dianne