Friday, 14 November 2014

Some, Don't Like It Hot!

Having responsibility for the sauce rotation in the kitchen at school Nigel is always keen to keep up with the trends and see if there could be anything new to offer …….
…. so any new sachet or bottle he comes across undergoes his perusal and close scrutiny …..
……. however he under estimated just how hot the sauce he found in Hugh’s favourite Mexican in Battersea was ……. it erm …..first it rendered him completely senseless for the first thirty seconds  which then turned to an awful gasping for breathe for another minute or two  …… causing much concern amongst the waiting staff and customers on the next table.
Eventually, he did gradually recover, though in need of frequent sips of anything ice cold he could lay his hands on …… needless to say this particular brand of hot sauce will not be making its way back to Wolverhampton …… we’re not ready for it yet!!!


Mr.D said...

Hot stuff. Too hot for Nigel.
Cholula is a place near Mexico City with a church built on top of a pyramid. The active volcano Popcat├ępetl is behind and makes a lovely backdrop.

This fun wall is also in Cholula.

marc said...

it was hot hot hot bless his little heart burnt heart lol big love marc

Anonymous said...

These sauces always tend to land on our table at home - consumed not by me I hasten to add! My reaction to them would be the same as Nigels! JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

Brave Nigel ... willing to give his all to further his culinary knowledge.... looking for new taste sensations can be a bit tricky.....Dianne