Friday, 7 November 2014

We’ve Made It To London

We all managed to get to London in one piece despite all the last minute mayhem and excitement of our agreeing to help Hugh out as living models at W E Interiors “Ahhh my darling darlings, I juzt cannot zank you enough for ‘elping me out!” sniffed a totally overcome Hugh “You are zee true, true friends!”
And as Nigel couldn’t help admire Nigel’s beautiful jewels ……..
Hugh too noticed that there was something a little different about Nigel and Darrell
“Mon amis, let me see, vous etre twinkling no?”
….. and saw that despite our great rush to get to London, Nigel and Darrell had still found time to get their ears pierced …. all part, they said of their motivational preparation for now being proper male models in London!
“Oh, my dear, dear boyz, I juzt knew you would embrace zee spirit of zee occassion, who needs agency models when I have you!” Needless to say my own ears remain unsullied ….. and goodness knows what cook and work will say when Darrell and Nigel return home!
And then Hugh because unusually serious and  showed his consumate, professional showbiz side “I suggest zat zough it would be very nice to party all zee night through, perhaps it would be best if we get zee good forty winks of zee sleep tonight instead  …. for tomorrow, my friends it will be zee very big showbiz day indeed!”


Anonymous said...

Oh my! in true professional spirit, no sacrifice was too great to embrace your important part in this living theatre occasion! Dear Hugh is the consummate professional and I know he will be impressed with your dedication .... Best of luck to one and all!.... Dianne

Pamela said...

How exciting! Can't wait to read the rest of this weekend's postings.

Mr.D said...

Nigel likes Hugh's jewels.
His crown jewels?