Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Nigel Gets Festively Creative

Nigel took himself off to the Poundshop after his shift at work, he’s seen a Make It Yourself Advent Calendar and set his heart on making one for his bedroom……
….. and Darrell was on hand to lend a hand if he got stuck.  Fortunately, there was a plan to follow ….. and everything was self adhesive, so no glue or scissors were needed in it’s making, which is always a bonus, where those two are concerned.
As they worked, the rampant humming of “Chestnuts roasting” came from their general direction. Nigel worked very methodically and very carefully, but peeling the backing off all the bits proved fiddly and a little frustrating, especially when you only have stumpy little hands to do it with.There was only one moment of crisis, when Nigel thought he had lost an “8”, there was panic and almost tears, but fortuitously it was found amongst the aforementioned discarded backings.
In all it took them 1 hours and 35 minutes to complete their project (not that I was timing them!) ….
……. and most professional it looks too!
There is now just one question of great import to be answered……..
Who is going to fill it?  Don’t answer that, as I think it’s me …… but it will be sooooooo well worth it as I got said 1 hour and 35 minutes worth of peace!!!!!


Anonymous said...

It looks brilliant - a pound well spent is that I think - the added bonus of course is how much more peace every day you will get when those little pockets are dipped into. Worth every penny - and pound! JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

First class job .....looks beautiful ..always a fun part of the holidays to open the windows and count down the days ..Nigel's excitement is going to be at the max!....only a few days before the advent start .....Dianne

Mr.D said...

Well done Nigel and Darrell.
Great job. I am keen to see what you put inside. A lot of thought is needed.