Monday, 24 November 2014

A Pre-Theatre Dinner Appointment With The Geography Department

The Geography Department asked if Nigel and I would like to join them for a pre-theatre dinner, without the theatre. The Department was off to see Dirty Dancing, but they weren’t too sure if the show was mine or Nigel’s sort of thing, so asked us to join them just for the meal, knowing that for us the chance of a slap up Chinese meal was always a no brainer ……. Pre Theatre Dinner…… as was the opportunity of meeting up with everybody to discuss Geographical matters of great import …… especially with I’m A Celebrity presently coming from Australia!
Pre Threatre invitationNigel and I closely scrutinised  the menu before deciding to share the meal for two, so that we could try a little bit of everything.
sweet and sour porkLet’s just say our choice hit the spot, as we compared with everyone who was our jungle favourite celebrity was and how they were coping with their Australian habitat, the climate and the lack of food, other than witchetty grubs! Bannana FritterWe, on the other hand, were almost beaten by our banana fritter,
Nom nom nom…… before Nigel gave it one last valiant effort! And while the others went on to the theatre, we were really a little glad that we weren’t joining them ….. because all we wanted to do was get back to Castle Greysquirel and unbutton the tops of our trousers, as we were feeling rather full up!  What are we like?


Mr.D said...

All that food makes you sleepy.
We wouldn't want to hear snoring from the stalls.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm mmmm ...the look of those dishes are tickling my taste buds. It's ages since I've had a Chinese meal. JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

What good fortune to receive this wonderful all looks so delicious....I do wonder what Nigel would have made of Dirty Dancing! who knows where all that dancing might have led! .....Dianne