Monday, 10 November 2014

Fame Has Not Changed Us!!!!!

Where do we start?   OMG!!!!!       
It was all tooooooooo wonderful, fabulous and fantastic darling, sweetie, luvvvvvie!!!!!! But fame, we can assure you, has not changed us, our feet are still firmly on the ground!!!!!!
But, I think that I can honestly say that Battersea embraced us!!
Hugh said we should get to “the gig” early, to familiarise ourselves with the set and it’s location within the WE Interiors shop window.
…… and to slowly build up to our roles, exploring our motivation and carefully consider where the journey of our particular characterisations should go! Having said that ……. our window looked extremely elegant, featuring this seasons must have colours and a range of very bespoke furniture.
Hugh said that we were going to have a bit of an impromptu and informal photo shoot all together (I’m not quite sure if it will be a feature spread in Hello Magazine as of yet …….)
……. where, to all of our delights Hugh announced that he had decided that Simone Cowelelelelel, could juzt ‘ave to manage without ‘im for juzt one night …… and that he was going to stay with us for the entire evening, switching of his phone, and giving his chauffer the night off, sending the baskets of puppies he had asked for back to their home  ……… as he was going backing to ‘is roots!
It was Darrell who went all luvvie on us …… spending more time than anyone else in hair and makeup, and why he wanted an all over spray tan, and back wax I’ll never know.
…….. before donning a pair of sunglasses so that any flash photography wouldn’t dazzle him!
The on-site refreshment provision for the artistes was very, very acceptable, especially to those of us who were strangers to food of a celebrity type nature.
Nigel decided that  cheese and pineapple on sticks was the most romantic food he had ever seen or tasted …….
….. and asked if I could put tiny baby gherkins to our next Ocardo order, proclaiming them to be his most favourite impaled food ever.
Just before the “curtain went up” Hugh took Nigel under his wing, telling Nigel what his best angle was and how to work it ……
And then it was ShowTime, and as our director called “And …… action” a member of the production team came rushing over and plonked the most humungous box of chocolates in front of us ….. and said “Enjoy …… it’s all part of the act ….. just act natural and consume greatly, but don’t wipe your chocolaty fingers on the designer bed linen!”
So, we endeavoured to act as naturally as possible and then the crowds began to form in front of our window and we were waved and pointed at and photographed from every angle …… I strongly suspect we must have gone viral at some point during the evening …..
….. and with all the constant flashing of cameras I decided that Darrell’s sunglasses were not such a starry affectation after all.  Let’s just say we were well and truly papped.
At half time, while the crowds were enjoying the fireworks, our director called “Cut darlings, take a five sweeties!” and we could give our smiles a rest and get them round some pizza instead
I don’t know why, but London pizzas taste so much more showbiz and romantic than in Wolverhampton. And then,  it was back to work …… “Positions darlings …… work those crowds …… and ……… ACTION!”
And the crowds that came back were even bigger than the crowds going, someone came in to excitedly tell us that the crowds were four, possibly five  deep, in front of our window, which made us feel very, very proud.
And then …… as the crowds ebbed away at about 10.30, we heard a “That’s a wrap Darlings……. well done everyone ….. time to party!!!”
So we did ….. till it almost hurt!!
There was more party comestibles than you can possibly imagine and a seemingly endless supply of Vimto on the Rocks cocktails, shaken and not stirred ……
…… which would have looked rude had we not partaken in ……… copiously.
It was a very special night, a once in a lifetime night, and night that we will always remember …..and possibly never see the likes of again.
It was a glimpse of the stardom we have always dreamt about ……
….. but never imagined we would ever experience …….
…… all thanks to Hugh and the agency who let him down, big time.
Would we like to taste more?  I think perhaps for Darrell and Nigel yes, but for me, well perhaps no ……..
Perfect Table settingI think I prefer to be in the background.
But a very, very happy night …… with a bonus few extra days in London curtsey of, who else, but Hugh and “his people”!


Anonymous said...

what a beautiful setting for your showbiz debut! ....the thrill of it all; it was a magical night to remember for your devoted fans, too seemed destined to play those parts .....dear Hugh's kindness and generous nature made it exceptional all round....this is a read and a re-read sort of adventure ..... Congratulations to one and all ......Dianne

PS Darrell looks like a seasoned celebrity in those perfectly wonderful glasses!

Anonymous said...

PSS wouldn't be surprised to learn that Mum had a hand in that lovely bedroom design! ....Dianne

Pamela said...

So thrilled to read of your adventure. You all did fabulously well darlings!

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm in awe - hope all of this hasn't changed you. Could this be the start of something big? Don't forget us as you start your climb up the celebrity ladder whilst we stay at the bottom waving! JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

What a wonderful evening - you are not only stars in our eyes, but also the folk of London too.
Cheese and pineapple on sticks. Is this a 1960s revival thing?

marc said...

mr d we based the party on a retro 1950s/60s cocktail party as the furniture was a take on 50s and 60s cocktail chairs

Mr.D said...

Marc - thanks for your extra details.