Saturday, 11 March 2017

A Date For Our Diary

Nigel spotted a poster for an event of great interest to us all while he was out mooching in town ……..
A Date for our Calendar……. Evesham’s spiritual event of the year …….Spirit Fest 2017!
Spirit Fest 1 ……. well, it would be rude not to attend, and visit all its “all manner of stalls”, especially as it’s free (I wonder if there will be refreshments too?) ……..
Spirit Fest 2017 1…… And, as there will be readers there, Nigel is already thinking about what books he should take for them to read!  What is he like?  Anyway that’s a date in our Evesham diary duly noted and underlined in red!


PharmacyMichele said...

Perhaps someone should prepare Nigel for this event & explain what the "readers " are there for- would hate for him to get embarrassed . Looking forward to hearing all about the event though.


Dianne said...

Evesham does always guarantee fun and good times! This event will be eye opening for dear Nigel when his book is read; I do hope the reader will honour Nigel and offer a proper, but appropriately Nigel "read". Fun just to think about all the spiritual (and spirits?) fun!....sending happy thoughts, Dianne

Anonymous said...

Oh - so looking forward to 'reading' all about this event!!! JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

More fun in Evesham.
Spirit fest? Vodka, gin etc? No? Good.

Will Derek Acorah be there?