Saturday, 4 March 2017

Evesham Lock

It’s only early, but there seems to be a tiny weeny nip of spring in the air, the river is a little murky, but Evesham Lock, about 10 minutes from us if your dawdling, is looking very romantic in a no leaves type way.
Evesham Lock…… And Nigel’s beloved swans still recognise us, wherever we/they are on the river …..
Swans and Cygnet. 1…….. proudly bringing their baby, christened Cyril by Nigel, over to see us and to see if we have any food for them.  However, we are wary of giving them bread, as we have heard it’s not that good for them.  We have tried offering peas but they turned their noses up at them. We are hoping our biggest fan, Jan the Fan, our resident wild life expert, might be able to advise us.
Swans and Baby


Mr.D said...

JtF to the rescue.

Maybe Her Maj the Queen can help. She owns all the swans on the Thames, and the rest of England and Wales, and is partial to a bit of swan upping.

Her predecessors used to eat the swans but I'm not sure if Maj does.

PharmacyMichele said...

I think you are highly honoured if the swans are bringing their baby (Cyril) over to see you. I'd be most interested to hear what you should feed them.


Dianne said...

Hoping your Spring is in the air and will soon be Springing to it's fullest.....nature usually knows best so the swans enjoying the river is a step toward daffodils .....for certain JtheF will know proper swan food!... most lakes around here have a variety of ducks and geese but a few lakes in Florida are well know for their swan population ...though all lakes seem to have a sign telling you not to feed any of the birds ....but alas,nary anyone selling bird food for tuppence a bag! Happy swan watching, Dianne

Anonymous said...

You are right boyz no feeding any swans, ducks or wildlife with bread - it's a definite NO NO - lettuce is supposed to be good for them, sunflower seeds too.

Here are some links to a webpage which might be of some assistance

Hope the links work! JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

You will need to copy and paste the links Monkey - hope you can do! JantheFan x