Wednesday, 29 March 2017

A Post Especially For Dianne, Our Wonderful Friend In Orange Abundant and VERY Hot Florida

We know our friend Dianne loves everything British ……
IMG_1560…… so Nigel decided to give her a little treat today by showing her his favourite row of houses in Evesham.
listed houses The Towers is very beautiful, but it has to be said, is totally lacking in any historical quaintness whatsoever, we wouldn’t swop it now, but the houses in Rynal Street certainly have it in buckets and spades, well except for the bins, but it was bin day when Nigel went up to pose.
listed building plaquelisted houses 1
It was on our list of possible house locations when we were on our quest to find a new home  but unfortunately we missed out on one by a matter of weeks …….
listed building 5…… however one bedroom may have been even a little too bijoux for us, and being in a row of listed houses, it would also bring certain responsibilities, so any proposed sympathetic improvements, such as a double glazed porch, stone cladding or a Juliet balcony would have come under rigorous scrutiny and inevitably turned down.  But you have to agree, they are very, very cute …… and a lot closer to Aldi than we are!


Mr.D said...

They do look something special.
I'm sure Dianne will be most impressed.
They should have special bins too.

Anonymous said...

Nice! But there would have been no festive 'tat' allowed on those walls. So think u r better communicating with ducks and fishermen. Much better for the soul. X

Anonymous said...

Sorry - comment regarding fishermen and ducks was from JantheFan - didn't sign off properly!

Dianne said...

Bless Nigel, he chose my perfect wish upon a star choice for a beautiful Evesham is a lovely building and I hope we would be in walking distance as neighbors.....will be having great fun thinking about my decor choices and will definitely depend on Darrell for guidance...I will be thinking of it as my dream a little dream home.....huge thank you for your thoughtfulness!, Love to all, Dianne

Dianne said...

PS Knowing it is a listed building, I am aware of being responsible for protecting it's heritage and would happily do just that!...Love you, Dianne