Wednesday, 8 March 2017

A Possible New Life Choice For Darrell?

Darrell is always open to new “life choices”, as you know, he is no stranger to vegetarianism because of Hugh. Hugh is a staunch observer, but has never rammed it down our throats when we have stayed with him or vice versa……
bannerBut veganism is still a bit of a mystery, so when Darrell saw that there was a Vegan Fair at the Town Hall, well, it would be rude not to have a mooch.
Evesham Vegan Fair And, as none of us has ever been inside the Town Hall, but were Town Hall curious, Darrell was a bit of a trailblazer in that respect ……Evesham Town Hall……. and once inside Darrell noted the impressive portraits, the romantic sweeping staircase, and the imposing vaulted ceilings!
Vegan Fair 1There weren’t as many free samples as Darrell had hoped and those on offer were so tiny weeny it was hard to judge …….except for some vegan cheese, which made Darrell’s toes curl, described as …..”not his cup of tea of a cheese type nature”, or less politely as “yewwwwwyyyyyy!”.
Vegan FairHowever, the vegan coconut fudge did hit the spot, but at £1.20  for a small square, not a bag, Darrell was a stranger to his purse.
Vegan Flapjacks…… As it was when he decided to make a considered purchase of a peanut butter and much seeded flapjack, though he waited patiently for a while and returned twice, there appeared to be no one to serve him ……. so his money was yet again safe.  Darrell concluded that perhaps being a vegan wasn’t right for him just yet, he wasn’t ready to give up bacon and wearing leather belt to keep his trousers up ….. and the t-shirts weren’t very bright colours.
Market stallBut, still wanting to bring something home for tea, Darrell decided he would go a bit vegetarian on this occasion and bought home a Stilton and Broccoli quiche from a lovely gentleman on the market from whom we have previously bought some very delicious Runner Bean Chutney …….
brocoli and stilton quiche for tea……... served with baby new potatoes, salad and a generous dollop of said chutney,  thank you Darrell, nom,nom,nom.


Mr.D said...

Vegan cards 80p? How does that work?
I hope Nigel didn't get confused with "go to Vegas" and "go vegan." He might be in for a surprise.
The quiche sounds great.

PharmacyMichele said...

It seems like the Food Gods were sending Darrell a message-not to be a Vegan just yet. Perhaps it's because there so many more food experiences waiting for him??!!


Anonymous said...

Liking the look of that Quiche - me, going veggie - a possibility - vegan - a veg too far for me. JantheFan x

Dianne said...

The Town Hall is quite impressive......beautiful staircase......being a Vegan is quite different; I run into trouble with giving up eggs. I really do like them in a whole variety of ways. Perhaps being a vegetarian is the right choice for Darrell. Being a devoted pasta and pizza lover leads me naturally in that direction. I had (and still do) unlimited respect for Linda McCartney.....Love to all from Dianne

marc said...

o its so hip to be vegan its the new vegetarian it drives me mad but then if you go vegan and end up trans whit a beard on a bike in a bow tie with a lumberjack country town look and live in east london then well your on top of the hip list dont get me started not even Hugh will go down that path big love marc AND