Sunday, 19 March 2017

Darrell And Nigel Get A Better Offer

Sadly, we never made it to Spirit Fest yesterday, for all our hype and excitement Darrell got a better offer! Lu text him and said that if she picked him up, would he like to go looking at wooden flooring with her, he had done such a good job at The Towers, she wanted to do the same at hers and would very much welcome his import, followed by a trip to Ikea (and the obligatory hotdog at the end) plus a sleepover with a cheeky cocktail or two back in The Homeland ……… well, what’s a boy to do, except ask if Nigel go come with him!
Starbucks Salted Toffee Latte with creamI understand that they are having a brilliant time, Evesham has a very nice Costa, but is a stranger to a Starbucks, and it has to be said Darrell and Nigel are very partial to a said Starbucks …… so have already, I understand, found time to avail themselves of the new Salted Toffee Academia Latte with extra cream despite their rigorous schedule!
Starbucks salted toffee latte mediumI know I could have gone to Spirit Fest on my own, but it wouldn’t have been the same without those pair ……. and I am sure there will be something of a spooky nature coming up again soon, so in the meanwhile I think I just enjoy the peace and quiet that has fallen on The Towers.


Mr.D said...

The Starbucks name made me smile.
I have heard the IKEA do tasty meatballs. I sometimes make spicy Mexican meatballs, called albóndigas.

PharmacyMichele said...

Goodness-Nigel & Darrell have a much better social life than I do! Can't wait to hear what they get up to.


Ze Monkeys said...

So funny there is an "obligatory hotdog at the end" in England as well as in Germany! Do you also get the fizzy lingonberry drink? We always take home a bottle of the sirup but it just isn't the same. :-D

Anonymous said...

Oh there will be another spirit fest in the summer I am sure..........I think I might have been swayed by 'a salted toffee academia latte with extra cream' too, not the mention the Ikea Hot Dog!!! JantheFan x

Dianne said...

A trip to Ikea is not to be missed; food AND affordable tempting decor treasures.....caramel with sea salt has been the favourite flavor (on just about anything) here for a while;.....creme cake with sea salt caramel drizzled on top; doughnuts covered in it; yikes! calories, calories....a little peace and quiet is pure joy every once in a while....Love, Dianne