Friday, 3 March 2017

German Cocktails Akimbo - Review No. 4 – Brause-Pulver

Cocktail Hour at The Towers may NEVER be quite the same again! Yesterday Nigel chose the mysterious packet of assorted drink sachets from our box of confectionary pleasures sent to us by our German friends Ze Monkeys  for our considered opinion..
cocktail hour.,The Ze Monkeys had put a very useful note on said packet saying “Fizzy Drink Powder … also fun and tasty if you just pop it into your mouth”. We were intrigued, but to be honest we were a little sceptical, thinking that though the sachets did indeed seem to promise much froth, we thought that in real life we might be a little let down as regards to fizz factor.Cocktails of a German Nature IDarrell got  us organised, translating the instructions on Google to make absolutely sure that there were no hideous mistakes made in the preparation, and then instructed Nigel to get out our finest cocktail glasses.
Cocktail Hour pink fizzCocktail FizzCocktail happy Hour
It has to be said, despite our initial misgivings Brause–Pulver delivered, exceeding all expectations of promised effervescence!
 Cocktail Hour 2Cocktail....
In fact, we were so taken aback, we repeated the exercise again just to make sure it wasn’t a fluke!BrauseThe drinks were exceptionally fizzy, and very flavourful, and we couldn’t help wondering how the powder would react if mixed with alcohol …… perhaps, a very small vodka, but at 10.30 in the morning, we didn’t think it would be appropriate, but have put a couple of sachets aside for when Lucy comes to stay next, so we can surprise her with our Teutonic tastes and sophistication.
Frothing at the mouth. nAnd what happened if you “just” popped the powder in your mouth in its raw state? Let’s just say, putting a whole sachet in your mouth in one go, as Nigel did ….. isn’t advisable, seeing him froth at the mouth was a little alarming ……
frothing at the mouth…… but he just took it in his stride proclaiming “Es ist sicherlich ausgeliefert!”  What is he like?
Cocktail Hour at the TowersA cocktail glass of Brause-Pulver is more than an ample sufficienty, we don’t really think we could knock it back in pints, but that would be common anyway!
Cocktail Hour Happy Hours at The TowersAfter much debate (none heated), our considered scores, using our almost world famous Richter scale of Teutonic noms were? Well, it has to be 99.9993% doesn’t it, just for proving us wrong on frothability! We did keep .0007% back as there was a very slight aftertaste,  but that’s nit picking really.
Our favourite German word in our steep learning curve of the language so far has to be “trinkwasser” …….. we shall be using it often and with confidence at every relevant opportunity!


Mr.D said...

Nigel frothing at the mouth had me chuckling!

Google translate says that "Es ist sicherlich ausgeliefert!" means "It is certainly surrendered!" and "trinkwasser" simply means "drinking water."

PharmacyMichele said...

The drinks sachets certainly sound good, you could have fun at a party "frothing " at the mouth!!!


Dianne said...

WooHooo, Fizzy, flavourable, and fun!....worthy of the best cocktail glasses for sure.....what a box of tasty treats this gift has not to let Nigel have his way with multiple fizzy packets!....there is a candy called Pop Rocks that is similar as it is a fizzy mouth full of exploding fun.... another fun day in Evesham....Dianne