Thursday, 23 March 2017

The Final Frontier ……. Ikea!

Again, it was an early breakfast and roll call by the car for Darrell and Nigel this morning. The plan was to navigate the aisles of Ikea with military precision, avoiding the shuffling hoards as far as possible, and if the going got tough, they would retreat to the restaurant to share a plate of reindeer balls, as Nigel likes to call them!   Nigel did ask Lucy if they ought to apply camouflage paint to their faces and consider commando crawling, but she gave him a look and told him not to be facetious!
Ikea pencilsHowever, it has to be said that Lucy’s forward planning paid off, all the furniture she had picked out as potential purchases from the catalogue were duly inspected and either highlighted in neon pink or vigorously crossed out on her rather long list. Nigel was limited to just one Ikea pencil and paper tape measure and there was no time, Lucy said, for any photo opportunities!!!
ikeaA few items of Ikea frou frou were purchased, once the furniture aisles had been safely traversed and the mood lightened. Darrell couldn’t resist an egg slicer so he could prepare a posh egg salad like what Hugh does, Nigel had set his heart on a Fjalla storage box for his treasures and Lu bought a set of obligatory Ikea scissors.  To be honest, it was a relief when everyone finally got through the tills, relatively untraumatised.
Ikea HotdogAnd then ,with all chilled and happy with their considered purchases …… it was time for the much anticipated and dreamed about Ikea hot dog avec une generous dollop of both Ikea ketchup and mustard ………
Ikea Ketchup…… and unfathomable refills of coke …….. . bliss! 
Darrell’s and Nigel’s mission to help Lucy plan for the upcoming renovations of Maison De La Lu had gone well, and she was very appreciative of all Darrell’s de rigueur and innovative en trend insight.  Darrell and Nigel are now on their way home, and Lucy, ever the accountant, is going this evening putting together a very complex set of spreadsheets containing everything they had selected, to be added to her project management folder!
Happy Days.


Dianne said...

Love Ikea get past the clearance items is a challenge; Lucy's planning was a marvel considering you can be easily sidetracked with the endless Ikea great idea products everywhere!..whew,...perfect day with a well planned shopping spree!....Love you, Dianne

Anonymous said...

What fun you guys have been having! It's been great to tag along with you! JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

Well done. Another successful shopping trip. You might have lost Nigel if he were camouflaged.