Thursday, 2 March 2017

Crunch Free Televisual Viewing!

Darrell’s new eating regime continues apace, he’s looking really good, but it has to be said that his chomping carrots and celery sticks can be a little distracting while we are watching television in the evening, more than once, we have missed what was being said at a dramatic and poignant part of a programmes plot because of a crescendo of loud crunching!
Mr Chills EveshamSo in the end Nigel set himself the task of finding Darrell a less distracting, but relatively syn free “something” to enjoy during such times.  It didn’t take him long ……
Mr Chills Sugar Free SelectionThe answer was in the window of our confectionary emporium of choice Mr Chills ……. in the guise of sugar free sweets, and there was so much choice …… you name it, they appear to have it, including national sweets of the region!
Mr Chills Evesham 1 There were also free samples, which Nigel naturally availed himself of  as it would have looked rude not too! After much perusing and ummmming and ahhhing Nigel finally decided that Darrell might quite like a quarter of Pershore (just one stop down from us on the train) Plum and Custard to suck rather than crunch during the likes of First Dates, Room 101 and This Time Next Year.
Mr Chills Reward CardHe also made sure he got his loyalty card stamped. It might take a while, but, if he can collect 12 stamps over the next few months he would get a 1/4(lb) for free!  He’s already compiled a short list, with chocolate nibs currently in number one spot ………as you get an awful lot in a 1/4!  What is he like …… if not very kind and thoughtful?


Mr.D said...

As long as Darrell sucks the sweets, and not chew them. the latter would be very noisy and they wouldn't last very long.

Mr. Chills looks wonderful.

PharmacyMichele said...

WOW-a sweet shop with a loyalty card...that's fantastic! And so is the choice I can see in the shelves, wonder how long it will take you to sample everything??!!


Dianne said...

Darrell truly is dedicated to his healthy diet .....carrots and celery snacking show dedication above and beyond my abilities!....lovely gesture by Nigel and a bonus with the sugar free samples ensuring just the right choice! to all,Dianne