Saturday, 25 March 2017

A Task Of Great Responsibility.

Last night Nigel and I stayed over at “The Family Tree”, so named by Iris after Stickman, her favourite story ……….
fish tank 4…… we had been tasked to feed Jups and their two tanks of fish, while they had a night away, it was a responsibility that we felt greatly despite having done it several times before, you should never be complacent about being in local parentasis for anyone else’s pets
feeding instructionsfeeding instructions 1
Tom being a scientist of great forensicness had left us samples to demonstrate what a pinch of food should look like for each tank, which is why I decided to assume the roll of fish feeder, fearing that Nigel, though diligent, can sometimes be a little heavy handed, and I didn’t want to risk him adding “just one for the pot”.
fish tank 2fish tank
I feed the prescribed amount and not a flake more and Nigel could enjoy the feeding frenzy that ensued.
fish feeding frenzyfish tank 1
In turn, I left the feeding of Jups entirely to Nigel, the smell of cat food not being my house sitting aroma of choice.
cat food 2Tom The Scientist had left an assortment of pouches for Jups delectation, but there was no way Nigel was going to serve him the duck variety, due to our living almost as one with them at the Towers, Nigel remarking that it was too much like cannibalism by proxy for his liking!
IMG_1628I have to admire him thorough, I am afraid I really couldn’t have mashed up what he eventually chose to serve Jups ….. I’m afraid it’s a jelly thing…… in fact, I stayed upstairs for a while until the smell had dissipated a little …. what am I like?
IMG_1629However, we met all our responsibilities with aplomb, Jups was a little sulky with us but I think that was just him missing his family, and I don’t really think the fish were that bothered.
toms fish tankUs boys done good!


Mr.D said...

The boys done very good.
Well done.
I'm sure you will be asked back after this top performance.

Anonymous said...

WoW - you boys are doing awesomely good ! It's a bit All Creatures Great and Small. JantheFan
P.S. You have got me seriously thinking - wonder if I could keep a few fish.....hmmmm might have to look into that.........

Dianne said...

Great responsibility but your experience and caring guaranteed success!.... your personal relationship with the river ducks would make it terribly uncomfortable to be feeding their relatives to Jups.....never a dull moment in Evesham!....Happy weekend adventures, Dianne