Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Another Scary Quandary For Nigel

There is a skeleton in the window of a house we pass when we go into town on not the so scenic route ……..
weird skeleton 2……. and it is giving Nigel some very sleepless nights wondering if it is a model, which he can cope with ……..
weird skeleton……. or if it’s a real skeleton of something truly awful and scary, the stuff of nightmares? ……. And if it is, what else goes on behind those starry curtains.  He says until he finds out he would prefer to cross the road instead of walking directly past it!  What is he like?


Mr.D said...

It does look rather scary but check, at night, if it glows in the dark. Also check the internet to see if an identical one is available, and made of plastic.

Anonymous said...

I'm with young Nige on this one too - I'd be walking past with a crucifix grasped to my chest! Scary! JantehFan x

Dianne said...

Better to be safe than sorry.....one never knows why a skeleton wants to sit in the window; that skeleton is truly the stuff of nightmares!.....the other side of the street seems a better walkway.....love you, Dianne