Monday, 20 March 2017

Getting The Confirmation That We Long Suspected

We have long suspected that the fishing pegs below The Towers were the prime spots for fishing along our stretch of the river, as they always seem to have someone fishing there, come rain or shine.
officialAnd, as there was a match on yesterday I thought I would meander down to see who was catching and who was not, and I stuck up a conversation with someone who was definitely not …..
fishing peg…… and when I asked where was the place was that he would like to be fishing, he said, without hesitation “9 and 10” …… as it always produced, especially skimmers. I nodded sagely, as if I knew what skimmers were, but I felt very proud.
prome fishing …… And judging from the weigh-in later in the afternoon, there were ample keep nets of fish to weigh in ……. Andy and his Dad would have been in their element down there, I expect when everyone has gone, that’s where they are, doing what they loved so much together, while keeping a watchful eye on us……….. we done good!


Mr.D said...

A great spot for Andy and his dad to watch over you all.

PharmacyMichele said...

I wonder how the fishermen choose their fishing spot-most interesting. Looks like some of them were quite successful.


Dianne said...

You done good for sure and the riverside is the perfect place for your new homestead. Andy and Grandad must be very pleased and enjoying all the fishing happenings while being close to you. Once again, there are no doubts that Riverside Towers is the place for all of you to be. Wonder if Andy is comparing riverside fishing to seaside fishing at his beloved Brixham... Love You, Dianne

Anonymous said...

A better place you could not have picked. JantheFan x