Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Planks Akimbo

From what I can gather Lucy is taking no prisoners back in the homeland, in getting as much import as she possibly can as to what is de rigeuer and en-trend or just plain common or naff as far as wooden flooring her mansion is concerned from Darrell, as the Kelly Hoppen the Queen of Interior Design was unavailable …….. and too expensive!
UK Flooring DirectDarrell says he is a touch weary, but he is determined not to be found wanting in the click and lock, engineered oak department.
Wooden Floor 1Wooden Flooring
……. And so, after six and a half hours of intense errring, ahhhhing and ummmming, and not a little comparing and contrasting he, Lucy and Nigel finally emerged, from his flooring emporium of choice, blinking into the daylight and clutching the chosen three samples to be hopefully whittled down to “the one”!
wooden flooring 4wooden flooring 3
Poor Nigel said that he had almost developed a squint with all the effort,  adding, but not wishing to upset Darrell, that  to him, they all looked exactly the same!
wooden flooring 5Darrell in full artistic flight replied that it maybe so to the uninitiated such as Nigel, but to the sensitive, expert eye the differences between each one were immeasurable. He had his preferences, but at the end of the day the final choice would have to be Lucy’s, he could only be her flooring guide (as opposed to Sam, Derek Acorah’s spirit guide!)
wooden flooring 6In the end Lucy decided that the one in the middle was “the one that shalt be laid throughout”  ……… and then, it was time for pizza, potato wedges and coleslaw all round to celebrate, followed by Lucy adding that tomorrow …… they would be going to look at stair carpet!!!! 


Mr.D said...

Well done Darrell and Lucy!

No more walking the plank?

PharmacyMichele said...

Uh oh-I'm guessing Darrell & Nigel thought they might be having a relaxing couple of days with Lucy?? They'll be shattered when they get home.


Dianne said...

Always dread having to make this sort of decorating choice; particularly when it is permanent...I go round in circles, so I know the threesome led by intrepid, dedicated Darrell, had quite an exhausting day and that great celebratory meal was deserved! ....onward to the next decorating choice!....Love to all , Dianne