Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Poetry Sells ……..

Darrell has noticed a new and growing phenomena on TV over the past few weeks …….
Poetry Sells. 1……. the trend of using poetry in commercials! Someone looking all earnest, sometimes filmed in black and white, often wearing a scarf and standing in a casual hands in pockets or on hips type fashion, talking in rhyme in order to persuade ………
Poetry Sells……. and now he has mentioned it ……. I am listening and waiting for it every flipping time the commercials come on! Aghhhhhhhh! 
However, I should be grateful for small mercies in that he and Nigel don’t appear to be wanting to follow such a trend …….. those two speaking in rhyme……. now that would really drive me round the bend, BIG TIME!


Mr.D said...

This poetry lark hasn't come to Mexico - yet.

PharmacyMichele said...

I haven't noticed the Poetry phase-must pay more attention. I can see it now-Nigel & Darrell practicing their lines in the advert breaks!


Anonymous said...

I love a bit of poetry,
I have a great big book,
Where I keep all my favourite ones,
I often take a look,
But the ones that are on the tele,
I just can't print out and store,
So they aren't the kind of verses,
Which I am looking for.
JantheFan x

Dianne said...

Haven't seen that trend here, but it is the sort of thing that stays with you and you won't be able to get the rhyme out of your mind!.....hope Darrell and Nigel find something else that catches their attention.....the riverside should offer springtime adventures that will keep them away from the tv!....love from Dianne

Mr.D said...

My post hasn't appeared. Lost in the aether?

I haven't heard any poetry in Mexican adverts but it sounds like a good idea.

Pam Ayres or odd odes by Cyril Fletcher?