Friday, 31 March 2017

Darrell Embraces His Inner Kelly Hoppen.

The project management for the renovations of Maison De La Lu is progressing well, however Lucy text Darrell to say, if he was up to it, she would pop up to Evesham so that she could take him to look at wallpaper.
wallpaper 1Having only just recovered from their last series of expeditions back in The Homeland, towards said renovations, Darrell knew that his loins would need to be very well girded, so dosed himself up with his multivitamins and several energy drinks.
wallpaper 2wallpaper 3
Darrell having done a bit of homework beforehand and told Lucy that black and white was tres a la mode and de rigueur this season ……..
wallpaper 5wallpaper 6
….. as was anything of a metallic overtone perhaps with underlying black …….. and that florals were oh soooooooooo yesterday.
wallpaper 8But Lucy wasn’t all that impressed, saying that there would be, categorically, no “signature” walls at Maison De La Lu, she too had been studying, especially Kelly Hoppen’s book Design Masterclass: How to Achieve the Home of Your Dreams ……Kelly Hoppen……… and if Kelly, Queen of Taupe, could make beige exciting, that was the way she wanted to go too!
wallpaper 7At that Darrell, realised that the “pink sparkle” he had picked out might not be such a good suggestion, so didn’t even bring it to Lucy’s attention, from then on he concentrated solely on neutrals a la Hoppen and steered well clear of anything that was Laurence Llewelyn Bowen.
Wallpaper 4Who would have thought there were so many interesting and inspiring shades of beige? Now on track and tuned into Lucy’s decor proclivities, Darrell was truly focused.  After visiting five DIY emporiums and in between several coffees and cake stops to discuss the merits of all the various beiges they had seen and felt, the perfect linen effect paper was finally decided upon (after a return trip to the very first shop they had visited) and duly purchased …….. Well done Darrell, in the end it was all about the texture and the ambience that a good beige texture can create!


Mr.D said...

Well done Lu and Darrell.

Hoppen sounds like something you would buy at IKEA.

Anonymous said...

Goodness to me - didn't know there were so many shades of beige - (not to mention grey!). Lou's home is going to be a mini, on-trend palace! JantheFan x

Dianne said...

Aaawww, wallpaper choice is very tricky.....with a room full of or just one wall, a pattern can become overwhelming!....a linen texture sounds lovely even though Darrell's flights of colour and pattern had to be tempered.....not to worry Darrell, there will be other opportunities for your talents to blossom....Love, Dianne

PS we have 92F and 93F temperatures forecast for early next week......

Mr.D said...

Mexico City will be 86°F, or 32°C, on Wednesday.