Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Darrell's Festive Shelves

Following on from yesterday (our apologies for its late posting), we bring you Darrell's festive shelves festooned, resplendent and glittering within an inch of their lives in the lounge area of The Towers.
I don't think there is a single inch that hasn't been covered. Goodness only knows what Lady Dame Kelly Hoppen, Queen of Beige would make of it all, it certainly can't be called minimalist!!!  I think  perhaps Darrell's king size crush on her may be waning a little!
Again, it has all been very carefully planned out on spreadsheets and flowcharts, with Darrell assuring me that aside from the occasional need for replacement due to breakage, he doesn't think he/we will need to buy anything major in the future, but then I've heard that all before (many, many times)!
At night, after tea, when we turn down the main lighting, the shelves twinkle with all the subtle tiny lights that are either incorporated in some of the ornaments or strung along the shelves, it's all very, very festively romantic ..... 
........ and atmospheric ......... especially when we sit watching I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here (yes, it's that time of year again too) sharing the odd box of Maltesers, as the contestants endure yet another awful eating trial!  Happy Days and "Thank You" again Darrell.


Mr.D said...

Most impressive, Darrell!

You will have crowds outside of The Towers, looking for inspiration. Maybe Darrell could set himself up as a Function Advisory Decorator, aka FAD.

Hugh could give him some hints from The Smoke.

Anonymous said...

Just A-Mazing darling, and if I were Craig Revel-Sweets Horlicks I would give it big fat 10 in the decorating stakes. JantheFan x