Friday, 13 December 2019

Nigel's Most Favourite Christmas Shop Window in Evesham

If Nigel is a little later home than expected from the nursery/school run or disappears into town for the odd hour or so ........ 
....... it's pretty safe to say that he's taken himself off to gaze at his most favourite festive shop window in Evesham ............ to wit Gummy Gumdrops, which is also happens to be our confectionery emporium of choice. 
He is sure that they must have added more buildings and attractions to the ensemble since last year because every time he goes to see it there seems to be something new that he hasn't spotted before.  
It's just toooooooooooooooo lovely for words, not quite the innocent and beloved Motorworld knitted nativity of the past, but equal in many ways to it's wonderment.
And Nigel's most favourite building of all, for this year at least? Well, it has to be the popcorn factory, which he is certain wasn't there last year.  
He hasn't had a chance yet, but when he does he wants to show Young Master Bertie the factory too, as the Young Master is absolutely obsessed by, of all things, popcorn makers. I think we may well need to pack them a flask and sandwiches for that occasion as I am certain it will won't be just a cursory glance event, but more of a morning or afternoon awe and wonder affair with squatters rights.


Mr.D said...

Wow! Amazing! What amazing frontage. I am a popcorn maker - in our house.

YorkshireKaren said...

That is beautiful I agree with Nigel, it’s a scene of wonder! I think of you all every Christmas when I set out my knitted nativity figures, lovingly knitted many years ago by my late mum-in-law. And I wish I could attach a picture to show you all my nativity and my lit-up Christmas village, which seems to cause awe and wonder here, from the postman to the Avon lady, we even had a chap bring his little boy to look at our lights last week!
Merry Christmas to you all xx

Anonymous said...

What a delight, let me know when young Bertie is down there and I'll join him with my beach chair and few mini pork pies. JantheFan x