Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Swinging from Chandeliers

People often snigger when they hear the phrase “swinging from the chandelier”, but it's something I just cannot resist whenever I see one.
I much admire a well cut glass chandelier - however this one was spoilt a tadge by the protruding eco-friendly bulbs.
But I felt it took my weight well, swinging very smoothly and evenly, the glass droplets making a very pleasing tinkle as I swayed rhythmically to and fro.
A very satisfying experience I cannot recommend highly enough (see below)
If I was on the Strictly Come Swinging Panel I would mark it 9, 9,10, 9.
WARNING - I do not endorse that others should try swinging from any chandelier in any public place (hotels, shops, pubs, Civic Centres etc.).  I am extremely light in weight and an experienced swinger!

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Violets Corner said...

Oh, I would love to swing from a chandelier. Lucky you :)