Friday, 23 October 2009

Friday, Fab Food Day!

Monkey with cafe tray
You may have noticed that I like my food!
On a Friday I like to treat myself and have lunch out.  I go to a nice little self service place where there is a good selection of my favourite things and the prices are very reasonable.  The staff are helpful and help me with my laden tray.
 Picture Monkey with Juice
They let me have a mix of the two fruitie drinks like a cocktail!
  Monkey chosing soup
Now the weather is getting colder, I am starting to have the soup.  Today it was green pea, not my favourite, but it was warming. I know it is common, but I do like to dip my bread, but if my Gran knew I did it she would kill me!
Monkey choosing cake
I like their pink cake very much, but it would be even better with custard, but custard is not on the menu.  There is a suggestion box, so I have suggested that “A cake with custard option would be appreciated” and said “please”.
Monkey By pizza
As well choosing a slice of pizza, I can also top up my tan as the light is so bright.
Monkey with popecorn
I like to take a bag of popcorn home with me  to eat while I am watching The X Factor on Saturday night. They do a surprisingly good cheese flavoured one.I think I might send Simon Cowell some to try.


Angie said...

Oh Yum ...I love custard with everything ...that pink cake would be just right. As for dunking bread ...well I cannot thing of anything better to do with fresh buttered bread.
I also have goodies ready for X-factor ... Frazzles and choc raisins this week.

Carmen said...

My OH is making his stonking gorgeous apple and raisin pie and we too are having lashings of custard over that with our X-Factor night. Who do you hope to win Monkey? I'm rooting for Jamie and Olly just cracks me up with his dancing. We have a soft spot for Stacey too ;)