Saturday, 3 October 2009

Monkey’s Eye View of The London Eye

London Eye and Monkey
I’m not very good with heights, so I preferred to look at the London Eye from a safe distance. I don’t think I could cope in one of those pod thingys, I’d have to sit on the bench in the middle with my eyes shut till the ride was over.
Monkey Looking At london Eye
But I think it looks dead brilliant on New Years Eve with fireworks coming off it at all angles, it makes me feel proud to be British.
Picture 394
This photo makes me laugh because I look like I have a halo


Angie said...

You a halo ....never
Love all the photos of your trip.

Sarah xx said...

Looks like you really did the town when you were here Monkey, great photos! Not sure about the halo though - you might be pushing it with that one? xxx

Carmen said...

Middle DD did the Eye with her Nan. She was not impressed, she thought it would whizz round like a big wheel. She said it was very boring and to hot and stuffy so doesn't sound like you missed anything Monkey ;) Wouldn't get me up there, no sir, no sirree!