Friday, 2 October 2009

A Monkey’s Eye View of London – Carnaby Street – Central Perk

I love Friends so when I heard that Central Perk had opened in Soho I just had to go.
Monkey outside Central Perk
Lucy downloaded a voucher for a free coffee but the queue was massive so we didn’t actually go in, we had too much sightseeing to do.
Monkey in Carnaby Street
Carnaby Street was dead good, I got some new jeans, two pairs of pants and some socks.  I hope you can pick me out in this picture.


Carmen said...

How cool a Central Perk in London! I wont tell DD or she will be trying to get me to take her and I hate queues I do :)

I see you hiding there in that tree :P

Angie said...

In the 60's my late husband was in a 'Soul Baud' ... never famous but got good the late 60's they got a 'Bunny club' gig for a few weeks but they had to be dressed identically ... so off they went to have the outfits made in Carnaby Street ...and while they were there I had a long maxi dress made ...yeah....dont remember the arch sign though!!!!

What a shame there was such a queue for Central Perk.

Julia Dunnit said...

You are such a cool monkey!