Saturday, 24 October 2009

Saturday Night Can Only Mean ….

All I can do on a Saturday is think about X Factor, what will Cheryl be wearing,  what will Dannii have done to her hair, last week she looked like a demented guinea pig ……
It was a fashion faux pas and goodness knows what her fashion stylist thought they were doing.  But there again, she was a foolish girl for letting them give her such a ridiculous style!
I like to gather my little snacks together (including cheesy popcorn) and make sure I have enough credit on my phone to vote for ………
Stacey, I love her! When she came out on stage for her first audition I have to admit I shed a little monkey tear, who would have believed she had a voice like that?!! I have a secret Monkey crush on her.
I like Joe too, he seems like a nice and unpretentious boy, some of the other boys are a bit too up themselves for my liking.
joe-xfactor Picture 086
I sometimes dream that I am playing the piano for the Master class, me…. Robbie …… Whitney …….
And finally, on another X Factor note, thank goodness Simon keeps his trusted advisor Sinitta well out of shot after her last performance, tisk, tisk. I really can’t abide her!


Angie said...

Not sur about Joe ... great voice but has he the X-Factor .... normally have chosen my top 4 by now ... and got it right except maybe order ... but this year its hard.

avagdro said...
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Carmen said...

Olly for me - his dancing just makes me laff. And then Stacey and Jamie. There isn't an out and out winner this year though is there? I do hope (can't remember her name) the Rhianna lookalike isn't in the bottom two this time. I do feel sorry for her, she certainly didn't deserve it last week.

JaneH said...

If only they would make Stacy sing instead of TALK! She sounds like a cartoon. Lots of talent this year! But WHO is keeping those ridiculous twin boys in the competition?

Marmot Mom said...

Just came upon your post while researching the meaning of the phrase "chuffed as a monkey!" Love your pics and comments. However....I've never watched X factor more than once or twice, so I don't call myself an expert, but, that shot of Stacy makes her look like---dare I say it? A monkey!!!! Seriously, be objective here. The smile, the jaw line, the length of her face...isn't there a bit of something orangutan-ish going on??? Just saying. Hope I didn't insult! Great blog BTW:)