Saturday, 24 October 2009

Tonight's X Factor …. My Verdict

Tonight, I had 5 votes and a tub of Ben and Jerry’s Half Baked ice cream (this was a HUGE Saturday night treat for me , but they are on BOGOF at Morrison's this week, how could I resist).

X factor perched

This is what I thought and where my votes went:
Olly was excellent – 3 votes
The blonde one – he will be in the sing off tomorrow – Nil Point
Stacey – beautiful dress, but it looked like Dannii’s hairdresser had been at her – 1 vote – not her best performance
The Twins – spookily compulsive – Nil Point
Danyl – hasn’t he got a huge mouth and tongue?  This puts me off him big time, but no fillings I notice – definitely Nil Point
Joe – very endearing - 2 votes.
Rachel – could be in the sing off again or Miss Frank
Afro - as Louis said not Big Band at all, he needs to be humbled a bit.
Lucie, I HATE the song she sang, never, ever liked it, a dirge of all dirges, so that blurred my opinion of her performance.

1 comment:

Angie said...

You didn't comment on Afro or Welsh girl???
I loved the old Rachel ..not so keen on the new one who seems to have been influenced, when not singing, by Stacy who I do like but thought was weak tonight.
I agree the twins are compulsive but only in the way one is drawn to view an accident.
The blonde boy has potential as a pop star but not enough life experience to deal with all the themes they are given ... shame he dosent use his stronger voice more.
Joe is a good singer but I feel lacks pazzaz ...if he wins I think he would be another Gareth Gates. I love Afro but not sure he is being given the right songs.
This was Miss Franks best performance so I hope they stay a little longer ...similarly the Welsh girl
My fav's are Olly and Danyl as I feel they have the X-factor and will make it whether they win or not. I do agree that D has a HUGE mouth and tongue though lol