Sunday, 4 October 2009

Wolves v Portsmouth

Monkey outside Moulineux
There is only one football team, and that’s the Wolves! I never miss a match and have been a season ticket holder for years now.
Monkey with Wolves Season Ticket
I have my seat in the Steve Bull stand and always get the pre match jitters. However I try and get over this by having a hot pork bap (with stuffing and gravy) as I walk from Wolverhampton town centre to the Molineux.
Wolves in Stand
Sometimes, when we are battling, I can hardly bear to watch.
Monkey at Wolves Match
But then I get frightened that I might miss a crucial moment, so force myself to look.
Today’s result was a little erm, disappointing


Sarah xx said...

What a great view you have there Monkey! Never had you down as a footie fan? xxx

Chris said...

I think it is your sister's influence. Monkey ought to come further north and see the sights of Manchester..... there's so much to see here.