Monday, 5 October 2009

Useful Things I Have Found In Skips

I am not advocating climbing into a skip willy nilly, however during this past week I have found a couple of useful things in skips on my way to work ……
Things you find in a skip
Now, this cricket bat may look a little worse for wear, but I am sure that when I have re-upholstered the handle Freddie Flintoff will be proud to wield it against the West Indies when I send it to him.
I found these rolls of self adhesive vinyl in the skip outside Motorworld, just yards from my home.  Now I dabble a little in the craft world and realise what a find they are, cut into A4 sized sheets and used on my Quickutz silhouette.  RESULT!
Monkey Crafting with scissors
I enjoy crafting but scissors can be a bit difficult to use with my stumpy hands.


Carmen said...

Good finds Monkey. My Mum was a dab hand at finding stuff in skips - the things people throw away!

Julia Dunnit said...

Treasure. Are you gonna 'alter' the bat or refurb? LOVE the vinyl - go Monkey!