Sunday, 18 October 2009

Not The Cadbury Gorilla!

No,  it’s not the Cadbury Gorilla,  it’s me!
Monkey Playing Drums
I just love that advert. I also love Cadbury’s chocolate …….

Once a year I go to Cadbury World on a school trip I help out on. 
I have to admit I spend more time in the shop than looking at the exhibits!  I love the big bags of misshapes they have for £2.99, yum, yum, yum!
mishapes cadbury world stash
   I usually take my rucksack with me, as it has a lot of pockets!

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Carmen said...

Jaw dropping jealousy in this house this morning Monkey :D Mmmm chocolate. We've never made it to Cadbury World but there IS a Cadbury outlet in a centre near us that sells those mis-shapes and I often wonder if they are worth it - I'll pick up a bag next time I'm there ;)

You made 2 girls squeal this morning with your sidebar :D