Wednesday, 7 October 2009

I Love Sweeties

Monkey looking at sweets
Near where I work there is a BRILLIANT sweet shop and on a Friday dinnertime I go down to buy my sweeties for the weekend.
The lady is very patient, because sometimes it takes me a very long time to make up my mind to choose what I want.
Monkey looking at sweetes
If I can’t decide what to have, I ask the lady what some of the sweets taste like, this is a cunning plan because I know she will say “Mmmm they are hard to describe”, then she will get one out of the jar and let me try it for free!
monkey in sweetshop


Angie said...

All those amazing jars ....not many shops like that left

Carmen said...

Sadly our little shop like this shut down a couple of months ago - all the kids loved it.

I like your cunning plan Monkey - I reckon she knows what you are up to though - maybe you have an admirer there.