Wednesday, 14 October 2009

I’m a Bit Poorly

Monkey in bed with flu
I’m a bit poorly.  Do you mind if I don’t blog today? 
I’ve got a headache and the sniffles and it hurts when I move.  I’ve had a Lemsip and I’ve got a hot water bottle. 
I’ll be alright in a little while.
Poorly Monkey


Violets Corner said...

Hi! You got a lovely blog. I hope you´ll soon feel better.


Angie said...

Ahh ... what about a hot toddy wonders.

Carmen said...

I know how you feel Monkey. We are a bunged up household here too. Definitely a hot toddy like Angie says ;)

Sarah xx said...

Poor Monkey. Hope you feel better soon xxx

Devon said...

Awwww :( ope you feel better soon monkey :) Thank you for the lovely minty chocs you sent me they are really yummy, already eaten 3 :)

Your a good animal coz monkeys are my favouritest animal :)