Friday, 9 October 2009

Why is it Cool to Drink Coffee in the Street?

Sophisticated and cool ….
I have tried it, but my mouth jiggles about all over the place as I try to walk and drink at the same time. I end up missing the cup and getting half the coffee down my front, so I much prefer to sit down when I drink.
Mums Monkey with a Coffee
But, on the other hand, it is NOT cool to eat a Greggs sausage roll in the street.  No pouting lips, hair blowing in the wind here, just a bloke with crumbs and grease on his chin.

And it makes you burp.
Mums Monkey with Sandwich
It’s much better to sit down and allow your system to digest your food properly.


Angie said...

The only food I have ever enjoyed on the move was old fashioned fish and chips on a winters no polystyrene box ...straight onto greaseproof which sat on newspaper.We would pick at it with our fingers until it was all gone... A simple pleasure.

Carmen said...

Ohhh you can't beat the smell of fish and chips on a cold night... and I don't even like fish. I love the smell of the chips and the vinegar and eating squidgy chips and having a cold nose... Hmmm.

I can't drink, or eat and walk at the same time, I can't breathe and walk and eat at the same time. Multi-tasking I am not so good at ;)

Julia Dunnit said...

I don't think it is cool monkey, I think they just want to give the impression that their lives are so busy and jam packed with importance that they even have to drink on the run! The other thing that you might answer fo rme, especially about celebs....why do they FHUGE handbags on ne arm and then carry a phone and a bottle of water in the other hand?
OK rant over. Obviously, I need coffee!