Monday, 23 November 2009

Counting My Pennies

Christmas is coming and I have raided my piggy bank to count the pennies I have been saving all year. 
Monkey Counting Money
…… £17.50, that’s not too bad and should buy all my presents.  I think I will go into Wolverhampton after they switch on the Christmas lights and the season of late night shopping begins
Monkey with Piggy Bank
The lights are usually switched on by someone from the pantomime, it’s probably going to be The Krankies, as they always seem to be here at Christmas.  I am not a great fan.  I did look to see who was doing pantomime in Birmingham but it’s John Barrowman and I don’t much like him either.  I think I will just get some Christmassy DVDs from Blockbuster to watch instead.

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