Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Finding A Monkey Just Like Me For Friendship or Love …….

I’ve been looking on E-bay to see if I can find a friend ….
Picture 137
This little fellow could be my twin brother, we are so alike ….
£2.99 starting bids ……. or £3.99 with Buy It Now option, hmmmm
But, love could be on the cards, especially with Christmas coming, she is GORGEOUS!
Picture 141
Unfortunately these Monkeys do not seem to have much fashion sense, but that’s nothing that can’t be sorted with a quick trip to Primark or a charity shop.


Carmen said...

Internet dating eh Monkey? You be careful now ;)

Carmen said...

I've just had a look Monkey - I may get one for a certain someone who is Monkey mad for Christmas - Fancy a penpal? ;)

Helen said...

A penpal would be sooooo fantastic.

Let me know ..... and we can arrange something special for Christmas!!!

Should this new "friend" be clothed - I fit new born clothes - Primark are very cheap and cute. Wait till you see my Christmas outfit!!

Julia Dunnit said...

Ah Monkey Love - just what you deserve. I met a stranger off the internet last weekend...perfectly safe - it was Carmen. She had more to fear than me tho!! Wishing you luck in love!

Ali said...

Monkey, you be careful out there - make sure you check her credentials!!

Anonymous said...

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