Monday, 2 November 2009

Don’t You Just Hate These Ads?

Agh! I hate these ads.
I couldn’t find a picture of the current ad on the tele that’s driving me mad at the moment. The one with the very strange young man in a dinner jacket and greased back hair, inanely nodding and pointing at the various lime green, scarlet or sunshine yellow sofas, that could be in your home  in time for Christmas for an unbelievable price! All I could find was the ad with one of the Kray Brothers in it!
I am sure I could sell settees …..
Picture 043
For those who may be interested, this lovely suite is available from Next in Manchester City Centre
Picture 040Picture 042
I was very impressed with its quality, comfort and contemporary style.
The picture behind me is very nice too! Very peaceful.
Picture 044
Ooooo, I have just noticed Auntie Jan’s shopping on the pouf! We sort of made ourselves at home……..


Carmen said...

LOL! Do you get a lot of people watching you with admiring glances when you are out and about striking your poses? :D I bet you do!

Sarah xx said...

I bought my sofa from SCS 3 years ago hoping that Martin kemp would deliver it as he's quite cute?? It came for Christmas but only just - had to wait weeks and weeks for it!!! And no Martin Kemp to appease me! xx

Helen said...

While I was in Manchester I got a lot of attention!

I am thinking about having some little "business" cards made with this address on so people can see what I am up to!