Tuesday, 17 November 2009

A Pirates Life For Me – Well Just for the Weekend at Least …

Monkey with Treasure Chest
It took me quite a while, but I have finally sorted out me pictures! You will be probably be bored senseless of them by the time you have seen them all.
We arrived at our Pirate Gathering at 10.30 pm, ‘twas deathly dark, the wind ‘twas gusting with much ferocity, the rain t’was pelting with much wetness and all we wanted ‘twas our beds and slumber on Friday night.
But, it must have been the salty sea air because I awoke with a hearty appetite!
Snap, Crackle, Pop ……
Monkey having Breakfast
…….. followed by a full English
Monkey having cooked breakfast
Afterwards there was so much to do ……. like making a Pirate Parrot….
Monkey Following parrot Instructions Monkey Making a parrot
There were feathers everywhere.
Monkeys Mind Drifting
But I have to admit by 12.00 my mind was wondering to what we would be having for lunch!
IMG_1509 IMG_1510
It was a little daunting as there were no other “boys” there, but I managed to cope with all the attention ……
IMG_1540 Monkey -Women Adore Me
I’ll get my coat …… I think I’ve pulled!


Angie said...

looks like you had great fun

Ruthie said...

You look like you had a whale of a time! Rx

Carmen said...

These pictures look so much fun! Looks like you have a bit of a fan club there Monkey :D

Sarah1976 said...

We had fun there too monkey!! You weren't the only boy though cos i took my little boy with us. My brownies loved jumping in the big puddle where the coaches dropped us off near the bonga wonga!!