Sunday, 15 November 2009

Joy to the World

Woooo hoooooo ………………..
Egg Nog Latte is back on Starbucks menu.  It is my most favourite drink in all the world …. and now I really know Christmas is on it's way , even if it’s still mid November.
Monkey with Egg Nog latte
I have promised myself, that I will have at least one egg nog each week until Christmas, and that I will sit and drink it very very slowly, savouring every last sip ……. heaven comes in a red Starbuck cup for this monkey.

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Carmen said...

Ooh I haven't tried one of those but it's very rare I'm near a Starbucks. It does sound delish - I'll have to make sure and pop in when I go see Mr Cooper in London next month.

You have an award on my blog Monkey :)