Saturday, 7 November 2009

Limbering Up

The lady at the Sports Centre seemed a bit  surprised when she saw me in the queue this morning.  She patted me on the head and said “Well done you. I didn’t think you were a quitter!”
All I have to do now is find what I have an natural aptitude for ……
Picture 199
I don’t think it is weights.
Picture 202
But ping pong looks promising, especially when I find a ball.
Picture 185
And I am quite good a climbing, except I think I am supposed to leap like a graceful gazelle across this horse thing!
Picture 188
But, at least I had a go.  I have booked another session for next Wednesday.  I just don’t want to let Auntie Jan and the Brownies down when we take part in Pirate Games next weekend.


Ruthie said...

Hiya - we have been following your monkey and thought we would have a bit of fun too! This morning our monkey arrived and we got going! Hope to get up and running properly soon - he still has no trousers. Not sure if this link will take you to the monkey blog or the craft blog - I think you can click on my profile and find the monkey blog!

Julia Dunnit said...

You won't let 'em down, you'll be an amazing pirate monkey for sure. Good on you!