Thursday, 12 November 2009

Testing The Water

Monkey with goggles
I hope I didn’t scare you, it’s only me testing out my goggles because I have  a two hour swimming session on Sunday morning, and I hate having sore, chloriney eyes.
Picture 335
I have also packed my trunks, towel and comb. 
I think the best bit about going swimming is the hot chocolate or soup from the machine afterwards. I had better pack some change for my drink as well
 Monkey with goggles 3
For all those who may remember that I had been suffering from athletes foot a couple of weeks ago, it has cleared up beautifully thanks to Auntie Jan’s foot powder and I have been given full clearance to swim by a member of the medical profession. I shall not be spreading foot infections throughout the Brownie fraternity.


Chris G said...

Aye Jim lad... I hope you have a great weekend and come back with lots of photos of your adventures. Have you got a parrot for your shoulder? Yohoho and a bottle of rum

Angie said...

Are you singing the sea shanties too ....hope your teeth are not chattering too much by then.