Sunday, 22 November 2009

Treasured Memories

I shall treasure my Pirate Days for many years to come.
Monkey with chest
I made sure I completed my Pirate Diary each day before I went to bed.  I tried to record all the important things,  like what I had for breakfast, what I had for lunch, what I had for tea, and what I had for supper and snacks.
monkey with gruesome pen
…….I hope I didn’t frighten you, I am not writing with a real dismembered finger, it’s a joke pen!  Auntie Jan refused to touch it, she said that it was gruesome.
Monkey with rakish grin
I think I look awfully rakkish in this picture, a touch of Brad Pitt meets George Clooney, but to be honest wearing a patch was giving me a bit of a squint!
Brownies as far as the eye can see
....... And the sound that 600 excited Brownies make has left me with ringing in my ears, but I am sure that will wear off in a day or two.
The journey home was very quiet, we were all lost in our thoughts.

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