Sunday, 1 November 2009

Me in Manchester

Picture 046
Manchester was brilliant! I had a LOVELY time.
Picture 030
I enjoyed a cinnamon twist and double latte in the Arndale Centre
Picture 029
And then compared the Christmas decorations to those we have in Wolverhampton. 
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Picture 051 Picture 050
I was a little bit disappointed that we didn’t see any stars from Coronation Street, because on previous visits Auntie Jan has stood next to Audrey Roberts in Marks and Spencer, almost run Tyrone's wayward wife Molly over when she (Auntie Jan) was driving in the city, and ex barmaid Shelley going about her business.

The Cheeky Girls were making an appearance in a jewellery shop but I wasn’t prepared to queue to meet them, not when there was shopping to be done.

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Carmen said...

Don't think I would queue to see the Cheeky girls either ;) That latte looks yum.