Tuesday, 24 November 2009


A HUGE “Thank You” to Bags of Love (see sidebar), who have made me a WONDERFUL set of postcards for me to send to my friends over the next year.  Some are for Christmas and some are for birthdays and other special times.  THANK YOU.
Monkey and Postcards
I was a bit nervous about stepping in front of the camera, but the photographer, Derek, put me at my ease and said I was a natural.  The lady who was there to powder my nose was GORGEOUS and kept winking at me.
Monkey postcards
I have spent this afternoon writing out my Christmas card list, it took me ages because I write very slowly owing to my little stumpy hands.
Picture 296 
If you would like one of my postcards why not drop me a line via my e-mail address (check sidebar for details) and I will see what I can do. Sorry, I can’t send outside uk.
writing  Picture 296
Picture 306

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