Sunday, 8 November 2009


Please forgive me, I am very tired. I went to the Hobbycrafts Exhibition at the NEC.  It was very traumatic.  In the end I went back to the car and waited while Mum and her friend Lisa finished their shopping.
 Picture 278
I came home and Auntie Jan had left some Pirate Maps for me to look at,  because tomorrow I am planning to make one for the Brownies to put on the wall of our Pirate Chalet next weekend
Picture 271
Picture 276
It’s seven thirty now and X Factor beckons. We are going to watch it with a curry. Then we are going to watch the boxing on SKY ……. I wonder if I have a natural aptitude for boxing ……


Ruthie said...

Nice pirate map - hope you enjoy next weekend x

Julia Dunnit said...

I don't expect you have the reach for boxing..but do prove me wrong!
I know what you mean about the NEC being a trauma!!