Friday, 13 November 2009

Prepare to Set Sail, Me Hearties.

Pirate Monkey 1
Well, I am packed and ready to go, by half past five tonight I will be on a coach bound for Pwhelli, with excited Brownies, Auntie Jan and Tawny Owl.
Pirate Monkey 2
I seem to have been preparing for this day for ages.  Last night I sat up and practised all my Sea Shanties, my favourite is “Our Pirate Ship” which is sung to the tune of Pizza Hut, I kept catching myself humming it as I packed my bags.
Pirate Monkey 3
Picture 337 Picture 336
I am also very pleased with how my Pirate Lantern has turned out, it will assure me safe passage, as I cross the campsite from our Pirate Chalet to partake in night time Pirate Activities.
 Picture 315 Picture 307
Picture 310 Picture 311
The cleaners on the camp will be judging the best Pirate Chalet …… I am so excited.


Ruthie said...

Have a fabulous time - arghhhhhh (said in a pirate type voice!

Carmen said...

Have fun Monkey :D Good luck with the chalet :P

Julia Dunnit said...

Arrgh monkey lad, have a hearty weekend!