Saturday, 28 November 2009

Undercover Operations at Cine World

Picture 214

Auntie Jan and Mum got told off in the foyer of Cine World seconds after they took this picture of me choosing my cinematic refreshment.  It appears that taking pictures is not allowed in Cine Work establishments.  Mum and Auntie Jan were most humble and apologised profusely, uttering that they didn’t realise etc etc …..

Picture 217

I was quite convinced of the sincerity of their contriteness , it seemed most genuine…….

Picture 223

Until they couldn’t resist another shot when I got to my seat!  What can I do with them????

Anyway we went to see Michael Jackson “This is It” – which was very good, it would have been a brilliant show had it not been for his untimely demise.

For those who are curious after spotting my Pic N Mix bag, it contained the following -  a couple of chunks of chocolate fudge, milk bottles, fried eggs, foam bananas and shrimps, a huge, long, blue fondant filled cable, white spotty buttons, foamy strawberries and mini eggs.

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Violets Corner said...

Oh I love that auntie Jan and your mum do take these pics of you. I think Cine World are worried that someone might take photos of the movie or even film it.

I´m waiting for "This is It" to come as a DVD, the cinemas only showed it for two weeks here and I wasn´t fast enough to get tickets for it. Lucky you :)

Have a fab weekend,