Monday, 31 January 2011

We’ve Had Monkey Mail

We are so lucky and blessed, as we have so many lovely little things sent to us, it’s like we are famous, but not in a celebrity magazine, paparazzi type way. We can still go shopping in Wolverhampton and to a Wolves match without being stopped and having photographs taken.
Monkey Mail
Yesterday, we had a card and present from Jack and Tom, to say thank you for our Christmas card.
Picture 076Monkey Mail 2
Their card was really funny as it had a monkey’s face on with wibbly wobbly eyes and lots of orange feathers.  We are going to keep it forever in our special “Monkey Mail” box as it is a treasure.
Monkey sweets
The present was a cone of monkey face jellies, which were spookily, almost the same colour as Darrell’s jumper….
Monkey Jellies
….. but, which fortunately didn’t taste like it!
Monkey Jelly sweets
We shared them out between us and Jack and Tom, we have to tell you they were VERY nommy, in fact VERY nommy nommy! THANK YOU, you are very kind to think of us xxxxxx


Mr.D said...

How do you know what Darrell's jumper tastes like? Have you chewed it or tried eating it? The jellies look great. How many noms out of ten?

Monkey and Darrell said...

8 noms Mr D

Ali said...

Just using mums avatar - glad you got them :-) Big hugs Jack & Tom xxx