Tuesday, 4 September 2012

A Problem Solved?

Poundland WolverhamptonI found Nigel’s discovery of the “deep hole” yesterday “deeply” worrying.  All manner of disturbing scenarios continually filled my head until I could bear it no more and took myself into town to see if Poundland had any of their pound paddling pools left …..
Poundland Paddling PoolMy heart pounded as I searched the shelves, but thankfully after searching with all due diligence my patience was rewarded when I found the very last one hidden amongst the Sponge Bob rubber rings and purchased it post haste.
002Nigel was in his new Bay Watch/David Hasselhoff swimming trunks, knitted for him by the PE Lady’s mum, with equal haste upon my arrival home.
Blowing Up Paddling PoolBut before Nigel could take to the water, we had to do some robust inflation!  Darrell started, but after only a few puffs he began to feel a giddy and said he thought that if he continued one of his nose bleeds could ensue.
Inflatable Paddling PoolSo I had to take over …..
Inflatable Paddling Pool.….. ably assisted by a very excited Nigel.
Poundland Paddling Pool.By the time we had finished blowing Darrell had recovered sufficiently to start filling Nigel’s pool with what I thought was suitably ambient water…….
Swimming Monkey….. but Darrell had got it straight from the cold water tap!  ….. poor Nigel shuddered visibly at first and I was a bit cross with Darrell,  but then Nigel got into his stroke and was off …..
100m freestyle world record….. doing a very impressive freestyle….
backstroke world record…. to an almost Olympic standard …
swimming world record…. followed by a few lengths of backstroke ….
Aquatic Centre….. his little face was a picture!
017…. and his tumble turns …… were a sheer triumph!
swimming pool olympicsWe think that perhaps Nigel has a talent…..
Monkey goes swimming…. and perhaps we should consider getting him a coach….
Hung out to dry…. the only problem is hanging him out to dry afterwards!!!


Mr.D said...

Sign him up for the next Olympics. Should he be encouraged to try diving? Maybe not.

Anonymous said...

Oh, the price one has to pay for being one of the super talented....hanging out on the clothes line! Nigel's remarkable abilities make him a star on multiple fronts.....soooo Bay Watch gorgeous hunk in his beautiful red swimming trunks....Dianne

marc said...

PMSL i cant stop laughthing he is a real star and those shorts are the best ever PE mum has done such a fab job what a wounderful post big love marc

Gemma said...

Oh dear, I keep telling my Monkey he's not allowed in water, when he sees Nigel's fabulous pool fun he is not going to want to do that too :-)

Di said...

Hilarious - I almost produced a little top-up for Nigel's pool when reading this. What are you boys like?! Hugs, Di xx