Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Working 9 to 5 ….. What A Way To Earn A Living!

Yesterday was Darrell’s first day back at work! As you will probably remember new fingertip recognition photocopiers were installed in school just before the end of term and as a result we found that our photocopying skills were now obsolete and clutching our E45 we thought our days were numbered.Office ShreddingHowever, Nigel was able to find employment almost immediately in the kitchen with the Cook Lady helping her with the stock control of the ice cream spoons. …. And then during the summer break, out of the blue, Darrell got a call asking if he would be interested in becoming the new Shredder Operative, a position of great trust and integrity as it involved be handling documents of an extremely confidential and delicate nature. 
Health and Safety Hair netNaturally, Darrell jumped at the chance, but there was one small clause in the contract that stated that flammable flamboyant coifs were  a major health and safety issue and that without due care and diligence they could get  easily get caught in the shredder mechanism.
007…… so unless he was prepared to wear a hairnet in the office, he was advised that the position was only available to him if he “left his hair at home”
006It didn’t take Darrell very long to realise that a hairnet, no matter how stylishly worn, could never be considered a de rigueur fashion statement, so he he signed his contract and declared that his hair “Henceforth shall be an evening and weekend indulgence!” What is he like?


Gemma said...

Congrats on the new job Darrell, just don't get carried away and shred everything :-)

Mr.D said...

E45? I thought this was a hand cream, a European road or some dodgy food colouring that would send Nigel loopy.
No ties near the shredder either!

marc said...

Darrells eyes say it all in the last photo i am not happy having to get rid of my wounderlocks look but i will do it long hard stare big love marc

Anonymous said...

Wise choice...Darrell wouldn't want his new hairstyle shredded by the gnashing teeth of a paper shredder! But he can still express his talented creative Gok Wan self come the weekend and school holidays....nice to know he and Nigel are still part of the school staff...Dianne